Wednesday, June 16, 2004

2046, politics

This article on Cannes is hilarious. "It's now understood that we, too, are victims of a dangerously idiotic president." Wong Kar-Wai's latest film, 2046, looks interesting, even though I don't like Zhang Zhiyi much. Well, I've only seen her in 3 films - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Musa the Warrior (don't know the Korean title), and Shanghai Noon (I saw it on the plane).

My favorite directors are probably Wong Kar-Wai and Ang Lee. Ah, can't forget Hayao Miyazaki!

I had fruit for breakfast today. Biwa (びわ) and mandarin oranges (蜜柑). I'm still hungry.

Saw ads for the new phones which use bones in your head to transmit sound. I wonder how they will sell. They ought to do well, assuming they work. You're supposed to be able to hear and speak clearly to people in all sorts of noisy situations.

Stuff to read if bored: Recently Asked Questions for the keitai list, a "mailing list meant for the discussion of current and future web and JAVA(tm) enabled mobile phones with a bias towards the Japanese market."

集中する: to concentrate

An interesting story about the NSA, and Iran and Iraq.

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