Monday, June 14, 2004

orkut needs a delete all function

I like the communities on orkut but the interface really bothers me at times. All the messages I get are junk, so I'd like a delete all function. As it is, I will just let them accumulate and take up storage space.

I think the flaw with ryze is that the search functions never hit anything. And some search functions require a membership to use. I guess it's part of the business model. I wonder if it's effective. Everyone I know seems to be using orkut. Competition is good.

Lovely, I password protected my zip file with a stupid password (as I recall, it was stupid), and now I don't remember it. Ugh. *bangs head against wall* Laf. Protecting myself from myself. Fortunately, there are convenient password recovery tools! Laf. Irony.

Yay, I remembered my password. All my tax files are back, goody.

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