Thursday, June 24, 2004

tennis is getting interesting again

Martina Navratilova won at Wimbledon. Huh, what happened to Hingis? I haven't been paying attention in a long time. I don't really like Hingis, but she's a heck of a tennis player. I definitely admire her skill.

Seles is cooler though.

Anyway, apparently Michael Stich (remember him?) said on BBC that it was a terrible day for women's tennis because Navratilova won (at 47). He said the girl who lost to her should quit tennis. I understand where Stich is coming from, but he's totally wrong that the girl should quit. She should never quit! She should work harder and become a great tennis player.

Of course, it's pretty rude of me to tell someone I don't know anything about that she should work harder, but as a general rule, anyone can work harder at what they do. Even if you're supporting your parents and siblings while working on your high school equivalency diploma. Although you're already working pretty darn hard in that situation. Perhaps I should stay away from unsolicited advice.

In any case, that girl shouldn't quit. Hey, she made it to Wimbledon; I think that's already pretty cool. You can't quit at the first failure, or the second, or the third... Stich gave horrible advice.

In other tennis news, good luck to Safin. He's a great player.

Wimbledon is difficult to spell.

While I'm rambling about tennis gossip, I thought Boris Becker and his wife made a lovely couple. Sad that they divorced.

So, do you think Agassi and Graff's child is going to be a mad tennis player? I bet he/she grows up to be a mathematician. Something amusingly antithetical.

I still think what's-his-face the blond Australian with long hair is an embarrassment. I guess it could be immaturity, given that he's been playing tennis since he was young, and perhaps did not develop logical skills or social skills. Patrick Rafter is far cooler.

James Blake is cool. Go Blake!

Roddick is boring.

Seles is cool. The Williams sisters are cool. As long as they live up to their potential, which is fearsome, it's all good.

Capriati's pretty cool, Davenport is pretty cool. I hope that Andrea Johnson does well.

Of course, my opinion of all the above players is purely based upon media reports, but my opinion of Blake, Seles, the Williams sisters, and that Australian guy, is pretty reasonably based.

I'm a slow perfectionist.

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