Wednesday, July 07, 2004


You know, gmail is lovely. The organization scheme is an obvious one that is nice to see implemented. The only problem is that I can't access it from my cell phone.

I can use my phone to read mail from all my other accounts, other than excite.

I think I'll push all my personal email to yahoo, until hotmail upgrades their mailbox size, then I'll move everything to hotmail. Once hotmail upgrades, my mail issues will be solved! Assuming they still allow mail downloads, and classY still supports mobile access to hotmail accounts. Laf, nothing free is certain.

I'll just check the excite account once a month, and keep the 1 yahoo account for junk email and such. Work accounts will remain separate as work.

Email requirements:
- free
- can read from phone
- more than 3 mgs of space (buffer in the event of travel, etc)
- can read Japanese
- can download messages

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