Tuesday, July 27, 2004

hiring considerations

Hypothetical situation:
- 3 month project
- hiring programmers.
Most current programmers are in their late 20's, some are much younger.

- early 40's
- overqualified for the position, with extensive experience
- would be perfect as a team leader
- aware that he is applying for a programming position

Would you interview him?

In a similar situation, the team leader decided not to interview him, saying they couldn't use him currently. He would have been perfect when they were hiring for more senior positions. They joked about putting him to work under one 28 year old programmer, or the 20 year old programmer.

What do you think about this decision?

Personally, I'm surprised that they didn't bother to interview him. As long as he'd be willing to work with people who have far less experience than him, I think it'd be great to have such an experienced person on the project. If he was willing and appeared open to it (or had even had experience with similar situations), I don't see what the project would have to lose.


Anonymous said...

bah age discrimination.

hopefully that won't happen to me when I'm 40 and interviewing for a programming position.
then again i'm hoping to be retired by then... =)

kuri said...

Seriously. retirement in 10 years! Laf. er, yeah.