Friday, July 02, 2004

me yuppie

I got a gmail account from Anu. Thanks Anu!

Still contemplating what to do for my email. Having 7 accounts (8 now, 6 I check regularly) is proving to be a pain. I just need 2! Laf. 1 ideally. Technically, I could just use 1 account, but I like keeping work and personal stuff separate.

1 hotmail
1 excite
2 yahoo
2 work
1 website
1 gmail

I'm going to stop using my excite account though. The interface is just a pain. With classY, that consolidates my hotmail account, 1 work account, and the website account into 1. Then I only have 2 yahoo, 1 gmail, 1 work, 1 classY. Only 5! If I funnel the yahoo stuff to gmail, that's 3 accounts. Hrm... The 1 work account is unavoidable as it's temporary. ClassY rocks.

I hate migrating emails though, since emails inevitably get stuck in my old inbox and I never answer them. I have emails on my computer from before my computer crashed that I have yet to answer, 3 months later. That's why classY is cool, as I don't really migrate the emails. I just check from a single place. No committment. Yeah!

A pity they don't support yahoo's proprietary interface, only hotmail's.

Probably, I should just pay for email. Then I can do everything I want.

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