Tuesday, July 13, 2004

phone bill

My phone bill has been ludicrous lately. I make my parents call me now. I'm thinking of getting a home phone; I think international calls would be a lot cheaper. Plus it'd make it cheaper for my parents to call me.

The trouble with VOIP is that my internet connection is not reliable.

Talking to my parents made me realize that I make some things seem more difficult than they are. You just have to find the right path, but very little is actually impossible.


I mostly encounter this problem at work. I get confused, and find it all a wall, but it's often actually quite easy. That's why I like talking to people. I should ask more questions.


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Anonymous said...

Phone bills are annoying. Even more annoying is paying a lot for a lot of minutes of which you don't use them all. Another annoying thing is email. Well you know I caved in and bought yahoo deluxe. I hope I use it everywhere now! hehe.