Thursday, August 12, 2004


Insane! Inoue Takehiko's site has a special Slam Dunk site where fans can input a short message and select 1 of 27 avatars. At the end, you see a stadium filled with fans, and when the mouse pointer goes over an avatar, the person's message appears. 8000 messages so far. 105 messages today, including mine.


That is a cool website.

I wish I could save the flash movie.

I also missed the newspaper ads. Apparently 6 different ads in 6 different newspapers, all on the 10th. Almost wish I read the newspaper.

Unfortunately, they can't support the traffic to the site, so there's this message in Japanese warning of delays. I think there's so much traffic that I can't see Sakuragi's picture. A pity.

Ah, Inoue's a genius.


Anonymous said...

hi, clare, it is easier to post as anonymous. this is uncle james. good to find your new page and knowing that you are still having fun. yes, it much too much traffic, i can't get on the cool site you have linked here. got to go to lunch now, you have a good weekend.

Evelyn said...
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kuri said...

Too bad about the Japanese not displaying. Isn't the movie cool though? What were the site stats when you viewed it? (# of people total)