Sunday, October 24, 2004

avoid rental phones

Or at least Action Cellular, which operates out of San Francisco.

They charged me a huge amount on a 5 day rental phone. I knew I should have gotten a pre-paid phone. It's entirely likely that the shocking rental phone bill is perfectly valid, which just is a shame, since it's more than 5 times the cost of a pre-paid phone and plan. I should have just bitten the up-front cost of a pre-paid phone. Of course, I thought that a pre-paid phone would turn out to be cheaper in the long term, not in 5 days!

Sad. But hey, no one's hurt. Action Cellular is a bit richer and I'm a bit poorer, but I'm still safe and sound. Iraqi citizens can't say the same about their brush with the Bush. Heck, Americans can't say that about Bush. Now that's a shame.

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