Friday, October 01, 2004

bush is not a leader

A leader can distinguish the difference between Osama bin Laden (murdered Americans and citizens from around the world in the attack on the World Trade Center) and Saddam Hussein (former dictator of Iraq).

Bush is clearly not a leader. In fact, Bush doesn't even think Bin Laden is a threat. I find that seriously disturbing. Iraq didn't kill 5,000 people (on American soil, no less). Neither did Hussein. bin Laden did. Where is bin Laden? Why are we in Iraq, terrorizing Iraqi families? How is this security?


Evelyn said...

Did you see Farenheit 911? All of Bin Laden's relatives were granted permission to fly out of US during the lockdown after 9/11. What if Bush already knew 9/11 was going to occur? In the movie, a clip was shown where Bush just sat in an elementary school classroom reading with kids for quite a while after having been informed the plane had crashed into WTC.

kuri said...

Yeah, I saw the movie. I hope that Bush didn't know, but I find their connections rather disturbing, and Bush is an accessory to the attack, since he facilitated the exit of the relatives from the U.S. I mean, they weren't even interviewed! That's a clear obstruction of justice. He tried to block the 911 investigation itself too.

And now he's off trying to pretend that Hussein is Bin Laden. Who's protecting who?

Hey, you registered to vote right?