Thursday, November 25, 2004

email dilemma continued

I still can't decide on a single email service to use.

None of my accounts have the space issue anymore, but yahoo and gmail still have the character corruption (文字化け) issue. Plus gmail doesn't work on apple computers. I went to check email at my local manga cafe, and the only computer free was a mac. That's when I discovered that the browser isn't supported by gmail. Sometimes, using a beta service sucks. I don't care about being able to check email from my keitai anymore, but unreadable characters are annoying.

Hotmail has developed a javascript error when viewed with IE. Go Firefox! I love tabbed browsing.

Anyway, I still can't pick which one to use. Hotmail occasionally corrupts japanese too. I guess I should find some Japanese email provider and use that. But that would mean another email address.

I think I'll consolidate with Hotmail for now.

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