Wednesday, March 02, 2005

passport photos

I just got passport photos taken at a little camera shop/studio right by work.

I had to explain all the requirements for the U.S. passport picture, but am confident that they understand the requirements.

Then the photographer took 6 pictures. I'm sure I blinked in at least one of them. Apparently you're not supposed to smile in Japanese passport photos. And they use a blue background, although they put together a white background to meet the U.S. requirements.

It was exciting in that it was novel, and I was able to communicate adequately. Didn't have any problems really. They were very nice. I bet the pictures turn out a lot nicer than my last visa pictures. That place had an actual studio and nice fill lights. Hand focus manual camera too! Heh. My last passport photos were like mug shots.

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kuri said...

The pictures were technically very good, but I look pretty bad in them. Oh well.