Friday, June 24, 2005

anti-virus software

I have a suspicion that my anti-virus software hasn't been working since April.

Why? The date displayed for my virus definition file hasn't changed since April. Oh, sure, Symantec will periodically update new virus definitions, but the date displayed hasn't changed at all. I tried the troubleshooting instructions on the Symantec site but they didn't help at all. Thank goodness you can retrieve files from the trash.


Matt the Hat said...

That is not good. You need need need need an Anti-V you can trust to keep you safe.

Try which is a great anti-V and at a good price (nothing). I run it without any problems (YMMV).

kuri said...

Actually, I found some documentation in Japanese which mentioned the behavior as a symptom of xp sp2 incompatibility that does not affect actual operations.

But yeah, I will try out grisoft. Thanks!