Friday, August 19, 2005

maybe i should keep political rants on my ranting page

hrm... Probably.

In an unrelated note, I wonder why I've been so bad about replying to emails lately. I have a 4 or 5 month backlog.

Yesterday I had a pleasant meal at Mi Piace in Sasazuka. They have lovely fresh pasta (made from scratch). The asparagas tagliatelle was delicious. I'd be delighted if they'd start carrying desserts, but it's probably healthier that they don't. One of the chefs is rather unfriendly, but the lady (part-owner?) is very nice.
昨日Mi piaceに食べに行った。生パスタは美味しい!アスパラガスのピューレーは美味しかった。ティラミスほしいけど、店が売らなくて健康にかんしていいことです。

I can't find any place which carries soup. Unless I go to Soup Stock Tokyo, but the closest branch is in Shinjuku station and is really crowded. Ramen just doesn't cut it when I want soup.
スープの店を探しているけどなかなか見つけられません。Soup Stock Tokyoは新宿駅にあるけど、いつも込んでいるので余り行きたくない。

I had tan tan men on Wednesday. Quite tasty.

I should get my phone's camera fixed. Then I'd be able to post pictures of what I ate.

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