Friday, October 14, 2005

tis a small world

That is one overused title, but oh well.

I ran into a classmate from college yesterday. I still can't get over the shock. I saw him in Shinjuku, of all places! Only the biggest commuter-filled station in all of Japan. We apparently take the same line to work though, so I ran into him at the ticket gate for the line. Opposite directions though. How totally random! He's the one who saw me; I was in my usual morning daze where I have to focus all my attention on getting to work as fast as possible. I'm not really late, it's just amusing to rush. Especially when everyone is running around, it's best just to get in and out of Shinjuku as fast as possible.

On a side note, as an American, it sounds odd to say "I went to University" when my school is called an Institute. Semantics?

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