Wednesday, November 09, 2005

hot water

I just noticed that there is an electric hot water heater under the sink at work. That explains why I recently noticed that we had hot water in the bathroom. I hadn't noticed the water before so I wondered if it had changed recently. Apparently it did. I wonder why the office felt the need for hot water. It's nice to have though.


katiedid said...

How peculiar. I wonder why they didn't feel the need earlier, actually. Of course, I say this as a perpetually cold person, and my hands verge on being ice cube cold all the time anyhow. Washing my hands off and on through the day in cold water only sounds unpleasant!

kuri said...

I've gotten used to the cold water, but it is definitely nice to use warm water! My apt.'s water heater takes a minute or two to warm up, so I have to wait for warm water at home too :P

kuri said...

Wow, I really do need to proofread my entries. I used "noticed" three times and "wonder" twice. How embarrassing.