Tuesday, May 30, 2006

french pâtisserie

I love living in Japan.

There's a new French pastry shop down the street from my apt, Le Pommier Salon de Thé. The pastries can also be found at Isetan department store apparently (possible only until the middle of June). After noticing the new shop half a year ago, I finally dropped by one day with a friend. We both got a pastry and I enjoyed a delicious cup of semi-sweet hot chocolate while my friend went for coffee.

The shop is bright and pretty, and the pastries! Divine. I'm a sucker for rice pudding so I tried the yuzu version, which was tasty but not as transcendant as the yoyo aux fraises, one of the chef's specialities. I am going back this weekend and getting a yoyo! The pastries are really reasonable considering how yummy they are. There's an expensive Italian cafe in Shimokitazawa which charges the same amount for pastries half as scrumptious and half as big as Le Pommier's desserts.

It's funny how inelegant I can be, writing about such an elegant place. Perhaps it's an inverse relationship? The more elegant the subject, the less refined my writing becomes?

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