Monday, June 05, 2006

Chicken broth

Lately it's been difficult to find chicken broth at my local grocery stores. They used to carry Campbell's chicken broth, but it seems to have disappeared. I wonder if it didn't sell very well. There is a light chicken broth powder available, but the flavor is much thinner (and less fatty and salty) than the chicken broth that I am used to. Without chicken broth my risotto just doesn't come out very well. Ironically it's much easier to find risotto rice now, as the local Kaldi (specialty international foods shop) has started stocking it. I need to check out the larger grocery stores and food specialty shops; they probably have chicken broth. Can't find chicken noodle soup (canned) lately either, but perhaps that's because of the season. Much less call for that sort of thing in the summer I expect.

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