Monday, June 19, 2006

ooh look, my website is down

I have this feeling that my free host, Fateback, has been quietly taken over. Since August, when using Internet Explorer, the domain name takes me to a Japanese host (NIC issues?). Oddly enough, this no longer happens with Firefox. The responses on the support bbs are few, far between, and a little sketchy. Do support people usually ask you to send them your login and password? Shouldn't they be able to help without needing user passwords?

Anyway, in an attempt to update my index page, the file got wiped from the server. While I have the ability to create folders and delete files, I don't have permission to upload files. So is currently out of commission. I think I'll look around for a more reliable host. Before the secret takeover, Fateback was very reliable for a free host.


katiedid said...

" Do support people usually ask you to send them your login and password?" EEEE, creepy! That's not good. I don't know who or what is a good free host. The ones I always see come up only seem to disappear again within the blink of an eye - they're using poor business models I suppose?

kuri said...

Creepy isn't it! Yeah, I suppose it's difficult to make money off of free accounts. I should just pay for a site.