Sunday, May 18, 2008

materialism: to buy or not to buy

I'm contemplating a purchase of Lunasol's Sheer Contrast Eyes eyeshadow quad in EX01 Blue Green Coral. The shimmering sea blue is a gorgeous color that can be layered on for intensity. The pale green and dark silvery brown (as Rouge Deluxe put it) are lovely colors too. However, the shimmering white shade is a standard highlighter of which I have far too many already. Still, the blue and brown are quite gorgeous so I'm debating a purchase (5250yen).

Shadow Customize, Majolica Majorca's individual eyeshadow line, has a lovely shimmery blue-green shade BL724(熱帯魚 tropical fish) that is similar but not as blue as Lunasol's color. Considering how much eyeshadow I own and how much I would be able to use the Lunasol quad, EX01 is really not a justifiable purchase. The quad is also limited edition, so it couldn't be a permanent part of my stash.

This minimalism thing is quite difficult. Or rather, finding the perfect items that would allow me to be minimalistic is quite a time-consuming task.

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BBJ said...

"Finding the perfect items that would allow me to be minimalist is quite a time-consuming task."

I think you just summed up my life. In fantasy, I live in three perfect sweaters and the perfect skirt, and have one perfect lipstick. In reality, I spend so much time hunting these perfect things...and buying other ones too, along the way...

kuri said...

Exactly! And lately, I seem to buy more and more along the way.

Like that Lunasol quad. Which actually turned out to be a good idea - it's gorgeous and shockingly easy to use.