Friday, June 06, 2008

NY Ramen!

Ippudo, a Hakata style pork-bone broth ramen shop, has opened up a branch in NY! If you're in the area, I recommend a visit. The branch I've visited in Yokohama has a great thick broth and the thin, straight noodles characteristic of Hakata, Kyushu ramen. The soup can be a bit heavy though. I recommend you save the garlic toppings for later trips. Adding a bowl of rice to the leftover broth is only for advanced eaters. Seriously. You don't want to push your body too quickly.


It puzzles me that the NY site is not as aesthetically pleasing as the regular Japanese site. The text may contain rather a bit of hyperbole - I've never heard of this ramen king, but who knows?

Oh yes, I recommend the Shiromaru soup - the white broth. I've never tried the red one though...

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