Thursday, December 04, 2008

Food blogs

Some interesting blogs I've run across lately:

* Kuidaore which roughly translates as "eat till you drop," which is so clever a title that I am envious I didn't think of it :P The blogger is based in Singapore and has the most gorgeous food photos. She seems to be quite the chef.

* Mad About Shanghai: Shanghai Food, a self-evidently titled blog.

I leave you with a picture from a recent Indonesian meal in Singapore. The grilled squid was marvelously tender and smoky.


Paul said...

OMG! Surfeited collapse...too funny.
I will have to send the link of the Shanghai blog to my friend to just moved there...

kuri said...

Isn't it the most brilliant name? I love it.

Ooh, I do hope to hear what your friend recommends in Shanghai!