Thursday, April 16, 2009

materialism: Smashbox cosmetics leaving Japan

All products are 30% off.

I heard that J. Crew is also withdrawing from Japan; I should drop by.

Bloom Cosmetics withdrew from Japan last year.


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

really?? where can i find smashbox? even just to check t put?? omg alot of US brands are pulling out huh... i heard stila's pulling out around the world pretty much

kuri said...

there are other places, I'm sure, but the shop I know about is
It's on the B1F of Hibiya Chanter
close to Ginza.
You should take a look, the stuff looks nice :)
Gee, I hope stila doesn't pull out of Japan... Annoying that brands are pulling out; I like easy access.

Berta said...

Estee Lauder Cosmetics sold the Stila brand to private equity group a year or two ago; those owners just sold it to another private equity firm. The company has been struggling for several years, so you might want to stock up while you can!

kuri said...

good point. I think I'll stock up in the U.S. though :D