Thursday, July 16, 2009

Avene soothing moisture mask and my makeup bag

I tried my roommate's Avene soothing moisture mask last night. I used a couple dollops but it all just disappeared into my skin - perhaps my skin is so dry it just inhales the moisture?

My face was quite pale after the mask; a lot of the redness disappeared, although it's back today.

My roommate quite likes the mask; she has sensitive skin that easily gets dry, so if it works for it's probably safe for me to use. I haven't noticed any irritation today. I don't to invest in any masks at the moment though; I already have two masks that are taking years to use up!

Just give me easy, simple skincare that works.

I think the air-conditioning at work is quite strong; I should bring in my thermal water spray and use it throughout the day.

Daily Beauty Buzz posted and got me thinking about what was in my bag.

At the moment:
* Clarins moisture quench lip balm in 14 I think (a bright, orange balm)
* multivitamins (not really taking them regularly but I should)
* Eve tablets (ibuprofen)
* Silky Girl eyeshadow duo in champagne and brown
* pads
* blotting paper
* Fragonard solid perfume
* band-aids
* little Doraemon mirror
* Palmer's cocoa butter lip balm with spf 15
* dental floss

What's in your bag?

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