Monday, July 13, 2009

materialism: lipstick review: Fasio Melting Glossy Rouge RD441

Fasio Melting Glossy Rouge RD441
ファシオメルティンググロッシー ルージュ
11 colors 1,400yen (1,470yen including tax)
全11色 各1,400円(税込1,470円)

This lipstick is very nice. A bit of gold sparkle in it, and the pigment wears nicely. A shiny finish, befitting the "Glossy" name. The RD441 is just the sheer red I was looking for - it doesn't turn fuschia and is a wearable red that I can wear sheer-ly or layer on for more pigment. A light, comfortable formula. The packaging is solid and sleek.

With lipsticks like these, I may not venture beyond the 1400 yen mark for lip products, unless there's a unique color that I can't find otherwise. I'm looking forward to trying Integrate Live Fix Rouge next

I'm going to pass on the Alexander Wang limited edition lipstick; at twice the price and a limited edition, it isn't worth it. Also, while the color is pretty, it is a bit fuschia/cool for my taste.

I haven't been too interested in Kose's Fasio line, but this is a very nice lipstick and color. I'll be interested in trying other colors and formulas of lipstick in the line.

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