Wednesday, July 15, 2009

materialism: quick review: eyeshadows

Silky Girl eyeshadow duos - I got the pinkish-beige and brown duo. A good, easy to use combination of colors. Silky texture - easy to apply and blend; metallic finish but not over the top. However, it creases, although the lasting power is fine. It's good to have in my little makeup bag, but it's not something I need to repurchase.

Wet eyeshadow quads from Lawson 100 (100 yen shop) - some nice colors including a lovely metallic taupe; reasonably easy to blend, metallic finish but lightly applied it's fine for work. Lasting power is mediocre though - maybe two hours at most. Creases also, so not something that I'll repurchase. Again, handy for "emergencies" but better for when you want to play with makeup. I ended up with 3 of the quads, in blue, purple, and the darker brown version. Colorwise, I think the purple one is the best.
The brown set is odd in that most of the colors are warm but the darkest taupe brown is cool. The blue one is nice but the two middle colors are pretty much identical.

Perhaps with a good eyeshadow base all of these eye-shadows would be very useful. I may experiment if I ever start using a base.

Anyway, I enjoyed trying all of these shadows. The total damage only came to $10, and I can keep them in all of my purses if I want to.

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