Monday, August 10, 2009

Nirvana New York in Roppongi Midtown

Good Indian food but overpriced; I suppose you pay for the ambiance and location.
Nice view of the Garden Terrace though; very pretty.
Interesting entrance - look down when you walk in.

However, one of the waiters was a bit rude; service was slow (only 2 or 3 visible waiters, and one server) and when our waiter finally deigned to come by our table, he was unapologetic in a coldly polite way. For being overpriced and with a name like Nirvana! I expected a bit better. The other staff were rather nicer, including the maitre d, but sadly the cold waiter was probably in charge of our table.

Still, if you go, the samosas are tasty (although tiny), and the mozzarella nan is delicious and a nice size. The saag paneer was a bit salty although very good otherwise. The masala caesar salad was quite good too.

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