Tuesday, October 20, 2009

brand crushes

From cosmetic-candy, 5 current brand crushes:

Giorgio Armani - just fantastic packaging and luxurious products. I've only tried the lipstick and lipgloss and sheer fluids, but they were lovely. If only they weren't ridiculously priced in Japan.
Shu Uemura - the array of colors and the gorgeous collections they put out really draw me in. I love rouge unlimited too; a great formula.
Shiseido - Dick Page! And the lipsticks in most of the ranges are just gorgeous. I adore the metal packaging of the The Makeup Perfecting Lipstick.
Majolica Majorca - I can never remember which order the two words go in, but the brand image is so cute and the eyeshadows are just lovely.
Lunasol - the glittery eyeshadows just draw me in, and the lovely pigmented liquid liners call me. Darn them!

Suqqu - If I had money to burn, all of their products sound fantastic
Chanel - I'd love to try their lipsticks and blushes
Beauty Credit - still addicted to the scent of the Pomegranate skin care series

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