Friday, November 13, 2009

gyoza (pan-fried dumplings, aka potstickers)

Went to a little gyoza shop in Ginza last night for a quick dinner. They focus on gyoza and beer, heh. They do have some other options, but I opted to try the shop's chao chao gyoza (like a sheet of mini open-ended taiwanese dumplings), the shiso-flavored gyoza, and the shrimp gyoza. All were pretty good but I think the shrimp gyoza were the best. But man, that was a heavy, greasy dinner!


Eka said...

Wow! I wish we have something like that back here. I very much love gyoza. I remember eating gyoza almost everyday for a week. I think the sauce adds to the gyoza goodness. :p

kuri said...

Yeah, gyoza is good stuff. I like eating it with a bit of spicy oil to cut the greasiness.

Do they sell frozen gyoza or anything? There's actually really good frozen gyoza sold here, so it's quite easy to heat up and eat at home too.