Wednesday, November 25, 2009

mini review: bb cream, dhc makeup base

tried missha's bb cream today. The one in the brown packaging, No. 23.

My face feels a bit itchy so I'd like to take it off, but it's my only sunblock today, so I think I'll deal with it.

I'll probably toss the rest of the sample. I was hoping it'd be a nice alternative to foundation in this dry cold weather, but I hate stuff that makes my face itchy. When my skin recovers from this sample I'll try the Hanskin super bb cream sample I have. Then maybe I'll use up the fancl foundation I got from my roommate. In this dry air, powder foundation just isn't working well on my skin.

By the way, I've tried DHC's rose makeup base; it looks rather nice - brightens my skin - but my face feels a bit stiff afterwards and I can't really smile or yawn normally, so I'm keeping it around just for special occasions. I should probably just dump it; it's not like it even occurs to me to use it :P

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