Saturday, November 07, 2009

persimmons and girl crushes

Lately I've been addicted to persimmons. They're sweet and delicious and very halloween-y as they look akin to smooth mini pumpkins.

However, they take a while for me to peel (bleh). Clementines and Japanese mikans are the best for peel-ability.

While peeling, I thought of some of my biggest girl crushes.

Salma Hayek - long-time girl crush on her. She's just fabulous. Sexy, hot, and smoldering. She really knows how to dress but is never tacky.

Michelle Yeoh - she's just beautiful. And strong. I love that. Line her up next to Zhang Zi-Yi and you can see how much more beautiful Yeoh is. Zhang is just plain in comparison.

Megan Fox - never seen her act, but her pictures always make me take a second look. Probably the less I know about her the better, heh.

Former crushes include Catherine Zeta-Jones. Just beautiful, but lately I see her and think of her husband and that's just euw. Don't need that, nothing personal. Angelina Jolie - fabulous, and wow she can work those stilettos, but dunno, Pitt is just rather boring now that he's with her. Her kids are adorable though.

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