Monday, December 07, 2009

sequoia e-mook

I have got to start eating breakfast.
Mary J. Blige and Christy Turlington are great.

It's really nice to see the great supermodels returning. There are tons of pretty models nowadays, but Turlington is gorgeous and interesting. I don't like Kate Moss as much, even though she does manage to be a fashion leader.

I picked up the e-mook from Sequoia this weekend. Included as a huroku/gift is a hot pink little tote bag with sturdy leather handles. I'm using it at work for my midday (lunch) excursions, as my little canvas Miffy tote (gift from Lawson by collecting stickers) is a bit grungy and could use a wash. The pink Sequoia tote is much more of a proper bag as it's even lined! For 1200 yen, you can't beat it in Japan. It's probably made in China of course, but it's cute and useful. My Chisato Mori tote has a terribly cute pattern, but it's not as nicely made so I'll use it for shopping closer to hope - easy to toss my wallet, keys and phone into totes as opposed to proper purses.

It's funny, Le Sport Sac bags are really far too marked up in Japan. Much better to buy in the U.S. as Le Sport Sac even has a sale site! Currently down for maintenance. I hope it comes back soon so I can do some holiday shopping. I'll check out Bluefly instead.

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