Wednesday, April 14, 2010

magazine extras

It's become ridiculously popular for brands to do collaborations with magazines and put out extras included with each magazine purchase.

Recently Spur magazine had a Kitson insulated green lunch bag. The bag is super cute, but it's pretty terrible quality. Fortunately, the magazine itself is pretty interesting. I hope the bag falls apart quickly so that i can throw it away, but ironically it's only the pretty green covering that is terrible quality - the insulation portion seems a bit more solid. It's going to look pretty terrible soon!

In better news, the Gelato Pique mook has a really high quality cosmetics/travel bag included. Well worth the 1500 yen or so.

Recently Sweet just went on sale with a Gelato Pique summer tote - polyester and plastic with mesh sides - perfect for the beach or the local bath house. I can't wait to use it. Sadly, Sweet itself is pretty unsuited to my tastes and I don't like a lot of the models.

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