Thursday, June 17, 2010

bb cream

Ramen update - I still really like 赤のれん in Roppongi - Kyushu style straight noodles and thick pork broth soup. The pork slice was normal, but the soup and noodles were perfect. It's an old-school style restaurant - they've been around for a while. The side dishes are quite good too; we had an overdose of sliced green onions in sesame oil. Yum.

I've been using Legere's Water Drop BB cream on and off during vacation and on hot days.

It's quite nice - if I apply lightly it's natural but more polished - it evens my skin out a bit even though coverage is light. It holds up pretty well in hot and humid conditions.

BB creams are quite nice. I will probably hold off on buying a foundation until I use this up. This particular one is probably a tad dark for me so works well in the summer.

A lovely Biotherm lipstick from is great for a sheer holographic shine. Perfect for a light non-makeup look.


ChyiX2 said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I've never tried BB creams before, only foundations and tinted moisturizers. How does it compare?

kuri said...

Hi, thanks!
I'd say they're like tinted moisturizers; they're just supposed to be good for your skin but otherwise not that different.