Wednesday, June 23, 2010

materialism: OCC lip tar in Complex

I got this from - thanks so much!

Complex is a good name for this color, as it's quite complex. A nude-grey color; quite pale, so not a wearable color for everyday events.

I understand what means when she says it's runny! It's easy to squeeze out too much product and as it's very pigmented a little goes a long way.

It's grey so it turns my brown lipsticks purple, but it works well for lightening my bright orange lipstick and gloss. When I use up the orange lippies, I may give this tube to my makeup artist friend. I forsee this little tube outlasting both of my lippies and more!

I'm quite impressed - at USD$12 it's quite inexpensive, but not easily available in stores, so you end up paying shipping fees.
When I use up a few lippies, I may buy an assortment of these lip tars as a reward to myself. In particular, I'd like the white lip tar to tone down my darkest lippies.

Because of the runniness, this is more of an artist's product - it's not really packaged for easy application. Although if you're used to using a lip brush maybe you'd be perfectly comfortable with the packaging.

Anyway, excellent product. I look forward to trying more offerings from OCC.

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