Friday, June 25, 2010

shiseido, impulse spending

Argh, I've been very prudent lately so I guess something was bound to crack.

During lunch I hauled a little at the Shiseido counter. 2 of the new eyeshadows (one from the new collection?) and a lip crayon in a my-lips-but-better. I figured that the crayon would be easy to apply and good for work. Since you know I have absolutely no lipsticks that are good for work. Sigh, a rather unnecessary haul. At least all my purchases were usable colors. I could have bought a cle de peau eyeshadow palette for the same price though. Maybe next time I'll just splurge on that. The Shiseido eyeshadows are very pretty - medium pigment and a nice texture. I hope they have good lasting power.

I looked at the lip pencils because I've heard good things about them, but I never use lip pencils so I passed on them.

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