Thursday, June 10, 2010

shopping my stash

Shopping my stash is fun, as it forces me to figure out ways to use palettes and cosmetics that I haven't had much use for. For example, a smoky/bright blue Visee palette is proving to be surprisingly usable. The white highlighter is very sheer and the sparkle is manageable for work. Not terribly useful, but usable. The blues and blacks are mostly useful as liner colors, so I guess I'll consider this palette an assortment of liners. It's powdery though, so it requires something as a base to stick to (primer, pencil eyeliner, or gel/cream eyeshadows).

Also, there are certain products like primers that I only need for special occasions; I might as well just keep samples on hand as there's no real point in buying a full-sized product.

Some products I can use, but I don't really need. Such as an Anastacia matte highlighter pencil. It's functional and adds a bit of polish to my eye, but I don't find it necessary. I wonder if I should use it up (a very slow process!) or just give it away.

I was only able to cull 2 products from my stash last night. Rather sad that I can't part with anything else. At least I'm making use of more stuff. I have a lot of vivid or sparkly stuff that isn't very useful for work. I need to keep it in my makeup pouch so that I can apply it after work, in a futile effort to use it up.

I've been using extra virgin olive oil. It's super cheap and works, but it takes more time to use. I may try mandom cleaning express cleaning lotion bright up next.

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