Friday, July 23, 2010

blush inventory

I've accumulated quite a collection, although mostly it's quite inexpensive blushes.

* inoui id dusty rose + beige blush
* bobbi brown rose blush
* mac tan-rose blush

* canmake red-brown blush (shimmery chocolate gradation)
* majolica majorca red blush

* majolica majorca peach blush
* canmake pink peach blush

* majolica majorca pink blush

* canmake orange blush
* cezanne orange blush
* rmk tan blush

I'll just get a mini bourjois blush in a cool pink/mauve and my stash will be complete.
I'm nowhere near finishing any of the above blushes. Only the Inoui ID blush has seen any significant use.

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