Friday, July 16, 2010

mini reviews: MAC paint pot, MAC penultimate liner in rapid black, Maquillage lipstick

Paint pot: it's pretty, but it creases on me, so it's not really all that useful for me.
Penultimate liner: it's weird; it's very black and you can draw a thick line, but it's not that easy to control the felt tip liner. My KATE supersharp liner is much easier to use. I guess I'm not used to felt-tip liners. Also, it seems to smudge in places. Really weird. Maybelline's liquid liner doesn't smudge, I'd expect the same from MAC!
Not so impressed with my foray into MAC.
Maquillage lipsticks are so pretty! I'm trying one that's a bit sheer, but still pigmented; very flattering and cover up the pigmentation in my lips. If I ever use up my other lipsticks I'd like to get a Maquillage lippie for work. I'll probably start with an Aube lippie first though, as they're a bit cheaper.

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