Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Restaurants: Bay Area California, U.S.A.

* Mercado Marlen Taqueria: 2528 California St., Mountain View, CA 94940. Telephone: 650-947-9611. They have the best tripas and lengua open-faced tacos. Divine. Greasy but really good. The lengua is extremely tender and quite tasty. Once in a while they're not as perfect as usual, but I've never been disappointed and at $1.25 a taco you have nothing to lose. I usually get 3 tacos. I would like to get 4, but it feels a bit heavy afterwards.
* Happy Cafe, San Mateo, CA: you have to try their thin sliced beef tendon , the sticky rice with fried pork inside, and the steamed shanghainese dumplings.
* Joy Restaurant, Foster City, CA: The fried pot stickers, fen zhen pai gu (some kind of steamed pork ribs), scallion pancakes, the steamed sea bass (with some kind of soy bean crusting/seasoning), and 3 cup chicken are all highly recommended. On weekends they have nice Taiwanese dim sum offerings.

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