Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nov. Sweet Magazine

Fashionmag (Japanese with pictures) has good reviews for the Paul & Joe "vanity" bag and pouch included in Sweet's November issue.

I'm not a big fan of Sweet, and the Paul & Joe pattern is not exactly my taste, but according to Fashionmag the quality is really good and is recommended.

The last magazine I picked up was probably Oggi (the models are so boring! although the clothes are okay) for the Kate Spade book cover. Very nice book cover. The Anteprima mook looks quite lovely and elegant, but I really don't need another lunch box bag. Maybe I'll get it later, if it's still available. I already have bags from Tsumori Chisato, Sequoia, Paul & Joe Sister, Miffy, and Anna Sui. The Anna Sui and Sequoia bags are the nicest.

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