Thursday, March 31, 2011

Volunteering for the Tohoku Earthquake

From the Tokyo Voluntary Action Center:
Volunteering for the Tohoku Earthquake

Please read this first

Please do not go to the disaster area yourself

At the moment, professional, trained workers, organizations and local residents are working at the disaster sites.
Transportation, safe locations, food, information and fuel are all scarce. At this stage, volunteers could cause further shortages and confusion by traveling to the site themselves.

As of April 19th, we have received news that volunteer centers have opened in the disaster area, but we ask that those living outside Fukushima prefecture remain cautious. Local residents are working together with trained, organized professionals. Let us avoid causing further difficulties.

The scale of the damage is enormous. We expect the support and recovery effort will need the long-term support of many volunteers. We'll post information about donating aid as soon as the structure to receive it is in place. Please give what you can.
We also ask that you maintain your investment in and support for this cause, and will post aid requests from disaster sites as we receive them.

The website has a lot of useful information about how to help. At this point it seems that donations are the best way for us to help. They also have a twitter account where they are posting volunteer info in Japanese:!/tokyovolunteer

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