Sunday, July 31, 2011

banila co let me touched glow bb cream in classic beige

I received a sample of this bb cream with my recent purchases.

Impressions: medium to high coverage, a bit on the thick side in texture, perhaps due to the high coverage.
Classic beige is probably a bit too light for my skin.
Although it states "glow" it doesn't have any noticeable glow, but nor is it matte, so perhaps it's just right.


angiest said...

I like your blog, especially about cosmetics, because there are a lot of helpful tips. How about bb cream compared to MISSHA.

kuri said...

Hi Angie!お久しぶりです!
Thanks, I should do a proper comparison of MISSHA bb creams. I haven't really been impressed with the bb creams that I've used so far though. I'll test out 1 this week.

I find L'egere Water Shiny Drop bb cream doesn't irritate my skin, but it's too shiny. I guess a small amount mixed with something else would be effective :)

angiest said...

I haven't used L'egere Water Shiny Drop bb cream yet. I'm using La Roche Posay BB cream sample now. I got it when I bought a sunscreen at La Roche Posay. Its texture is like a milky lotion, not high coverage. I'm not very satisfied. I think we are bb cream gypsies :P

kuri said...

heh, probably.
It's hard to get the right coverage that isn't irritating or too shiny :)