Wednesday, August 31, 2011

makeup review: MAC Beauty Powder in Softdew

Clearly this post calls for a picture, but I'll have to add it later.
(edit: picture added)
MAC Beauty Powder in Softdew is an unassuming blush that doesn't show up at all if I swatch it on my arm, but shows up as a nice, subtle blush on my cheeks. I can layer for more definition, or apply lightly for a bit of polish. It doesn't really add much visible color, but nor is it really a contour.
Great no-brainer - I can dash it on and not worry too much about blending or overdoing it.

If I ever use this massive thing up, I'll probably repurchase, but I've hardly made a dent in it over a year, so I think it's unlikely that I'll ever need to buy a second one.

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