Thursday, September 22, 2011

mini review: Addiction lipstick in Day Trip

I'll post swatches and pictures later, but first, a quick summary of my impressions so far.

Thanks to the enabling of, I picked up this pink-beige cream lipstick at Addiction last weekend. I've been wearing it for a few days now. So far, I find the pigmentation to be good - I would say characterize it as medium. There is a nice shine, but it's not the shiniest lipstick ever, and no noticeable shimmer or sparkle. A very wearable color that lightens my natural lip color but doesn't wash me out. Wear seems to be decent but it's the type of color where fading is not very obvious. It's not moisturizing nor particularly drying, but it's comfortable if I wear a lip balm underneath.

2800 yen plus tax.

I will only repurchase if I can't find a less expensive duplicate, as the color is perfect for me, but the formula doesn't seem particularly unique.

The packaging is a chic, shiny black plastic that seems sturdy, but picks up fingerprints super easily. It's functional.

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