Tuesday, September 13, 2011

some long-term lemmings

For whatever reason (it's fall?) I am in the mood to shop recently (since yesterday).
Perhaps checking out the final +J collection at Uniqlo last night was a bad idea.

I found two nice work skirts for 1300 yen each though, so I'm quite happy. Fortunately, none of the coats quite fit me, so I escaped from the clutches of the new collection quite unscathed. The XL coats are a bit too big, but the sleeves are not long enough.
They have lovely large cashmere scarves (mufflers) limited to the Ginza Uniqlo shop, but they're 14,000 yen or something and I wasn't prepared to spend that much on a scarf.

Some cosmetics lemmings of mine:

Shiseido Shimmering Eye Color: So pretty! I want the gunmetal, the purple, and the medium blue, but the light pink and the beige are probably much more practical colors for me. But the deeper colors are just lovely so it's difficult to be practical. With the weak yen, I'm tempted to buy abroad.

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