Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ginza: Futon Mandarin 胡同マンダリン

Coworkers took me to an elegant Chinese restaurant in Ginza. The interior is really "Mandarin" - spacious dining area of dark carved wood, circular tables, discreet wooden screen partitions - like a clean 1920's Shanghai parlor.

The service is very unobtrusive, although the servers are not always visible. The food is delicious; their lunch sets are a great deal. I tried the gyoza set - 7 plump panfried gyoza with a light pork and vegetable filling. The lotus root レンコン added a pleasant crunch and texture to the dumplings. However, the lamb and vegetable dish looks fantastic, and the roast duck noodle soup is delicious according to my coworkers. They're quite generous with the spices, so the vinegar pork may be a bit spicier than you are used to.

The egg drop soup was also delicious - simple, hearty, and well done. It wasn't crowded at all on the day we visited, although apparently it does get full at times. It's a calm, relaxing place to have a quiet lunch. Pricewise it's comparable to other restaurants in the area, with sets around 1000 yen.

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