Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stove top lasagna

I have a lot of lasagna sheets left over from a rice cooker recipe experiment (that didn't go very well), so I thought I'd try this stove top recipe next.
It should be more successful, I hope. Living without an oven is fine, but it makes a lot of American recipes pretty difficult.

Sunday I tried out a pre-made adobo mix - not bad. But it doesn't taste anything like proper adobo, hehe. I'll have to get some recipes soon.

Around my neighborhood, it's kind of difficult to find carrots not grown in Chiba.


Yumeko said...

ooh wat is ur premade adobo mix look like?
i am curious to know!

kuri said...

I tried this Mama Sita's Adobo mix: http://indayskitchen.com/2009/03/mama-sitas-adobo-mix.html

I agree that the vinegar was quite light; next time I may try adding in extra!

By the way I love your rice-cooker recipes - I use the hotcake mix ones a lot!