Friday, March 02, 2012

Another trip to Addiction

I visited the Shibuya store, where the salesladies are friendly but so far they haven't given me any samples.

I tried Sandbar, which swatches beautifully! On my eyes, it melds into my skin tone but is slightly more peachy. I'm undecided about whether I need it. I may try Rigolletto, although that is a significantly more metallic color.

Midnight Oasis is very lovely! A punchy, vivid blue, but not so bright as to be difficult to wear - as a liner it's lovely because you can tell it's blue, but it doesn't scream. Still, even with the eye primer, the blue pigment immediately shifted down to my lower lashes as a faint shadow. I also got Night Dive, the dark blue eyeliner on - it's quite similar to Midnight Oasis but has a bit more green in it. The combination looks quite sharp. The SA put Brilliant Princess, the new blush shade (a highlighter, really) on my cheeks - very lovely! It's noticeable shimmer + shade. I succumbed to Last Scene lipstick - a very wearable orange red. I can see wearing it full on or just slightly as a stain. Either way it looks great. Ugh, must not make any more purchases! The next visits will just be for fun.

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