Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keeping track of tasks

Love this idea from Stuff Jewish Girls Like!

At the start of each day, I write down a list of tasks to accomplish. If something new comes up during the course of the day, I can add it to the list without worrying that it will get lost in the shuffle of my email. 

I have lots of lists, but I lose track of them pretty quickly. A notebook would be a good way to keep them in one place. Except that I'm super messy; I can see it getting out of hand after a while.

Maybe I should have one daily notebook for jotting things down as I notice them, and one organized notebook where I transfer everything important from the daily notebook.  Conveniently, I have at least two unused notebooks - one partially filled with messy notes.

Eventually I might start maintaining the organized notes online, but right now I have multiple lists in two locations and it's terribly messy.  I also need to get some info out of my outlook file.

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